MMORPGs in the real world


I’ve been seeing these adverts on a daily basis the last week or so. They’re advertising the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online on XBox and Playstation consoles. They struck me as noticeable as I’m not used to seeing high-visibility for MMORPGs outside of the online sphere.

Google is happy to present me with ‘appropriate’ ads when I’m browsing websites and I go seeking MMO news and blogs on an almost daily basis as the background to writing this blog. But to actually see MMORPGs out there in the public sphere is a bit of a rarity, at least in the UK. Since the big game developers are based in the USA or Asian countries for the most part so these tiny islands are probably not the first target for expensive ‘physical’ advertising.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a MMORPG advert on television either. I do vaguely remember seeing a World of Warcraft advert during a film; it was years ago so I can’t even remember which expansion it was for. We’re not big watchers of commercial television in this house, the public BBC channels show no adverts at all; so I may well be missing all the adverts but it seems to me that in this country MMORPGs lack visibility beyond the niche audience already interested in them.

If nothing else I shall be looking for news items and forums on TESO to see if this advertising and the launch on two major consoles has a significant effect on the game’s fortunes.

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  1. Shintar says:

    I seem to recall seeing a Guild Wars 2 ad in the cinema once – but I agree that this kind of advertising for MMOs seems to be rare.

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