FFXIV: parallel progress

The “all classes on one character” model that Final Fantasy 14 offers to players is an interesting feature. It gives me the option of freely switching between play styles without feeling like I’m “neglecting my main” or “spreading my game-time” too much. Although each class gains experience individually and is geared somewhat separately (although keep hand-me-downs from similar classes of a higher level!), some elements of progress are shared such as gil earned or Grand Company seal rewards.

In fact the game encourages you to level a few classes/jobs at least since there are cross-class abilities for all jobs that come from two other classes beyond the base class. For example with my Summoner main I had to level Arcanist and Thaumaturge to unlock it, but I can continue to level Thaumaturge beyond the level 15 minimum to unlock further cross-class spells. Also I ended up levelling Archer to unlock further (tertiary) cross-class spells for Summoner. The danger is that you enjoy the new class enough to want to unlock its job (e.g. Bard). That then means unlocking the secondary and tertiary abilities on that job as well. None of it is mandatory of course, although if you read the forums some cross-class abilities are expected in end-game content (e.g. Scholars/Summoners should have Swiftcast from Thaumaturge).

Archer + Arcanist

Archer + Arcanist

Since introducing my husband to the game back in April I had to put the main scenario quests on pause for most of the intervening time while he caught me up. That meant avoiding playing my main job as well. In the meantime, as I have written about, I’ve been playing archer mostly to duo level with his new character. He did overtake me once we approached the level of my main job so now we’ve spent a few sessions on main scenario quests playing a Summoner and Scholar duo instead.

Summoner + Scholar

Summoner + Scholar

That’s not necessarily the best combination as our damage over time (DoT) spells are mostly the same, so it makes it fractionally harder to keep an eye on the ‘rotation’ necessary to keep all these spells ticking along. The default user interface shows DoTs under the monster’s nameplate when you target them, the standard for MMORPGs, but in FFXIV your spells have green text to show the seconds remaining, whereas other people’s have white text. It’s an important distinction but a rather subtle one.


As it happens we’ll not get to play much together for just over a week so I may put some time into catching Bard up to my Summoner level so I have another option. I’ve just unlocked Bard at level 32 so I’ve ten or so levels to work on. In order to unlock Bard I had to level Pugilist to 15, so now I’ve tasted that melee DPS play style also but then I also need cross-class abilities from Lancer…

It can be hard to maintain a focus in a game with so many class options!

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2 Responses to FFXIV: parallel progress

  1. Dan says:

    Well, some good news with the main scenario quests is they are making them easier to get through once Heavensward drops (unknown if you have to have Heavensward installed) (no they aren’t nerfing).

    What they are doing is:
    1) Doubling experience learned through main scenario quests.
    2) Adding gear in post 50 quests so no gear grind needed to reach Heavensward
    3) Queues will prioritize new players over vets in A Realm Reborn dungeons and trials
    4) If you enter an instance with a premade, you can choose to enter with less players and there’s no level syncing for A Realm Reborn dungeons and trials

  2. pkudude99 says:

    I simply leveled everything to 15, so that I can unlock any job at any time if I choose to level a class to 30. Plus most of the cross-class skills are available below that level anyway, so it works out pretty well. Just takes a couple of hours to level a class to 15 using leve quests and fates, I’ve found. Works for me anyway 😉

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