Wildstar: engineering fun

N.B. This is just some first impressions and not a review of Wildstar, nor a detailed consideration of the game as it stands now.

So far I’ve reached level 12 after three or so sessions in the game and I’m not even considering a proper review post until I’ve reached my faction capital and unlocked the much-vaunted housing system.

Gotta love electrocuting things...

Gotta love electrocuting things…

I decided to roll a new Mechari Mordesh Engineer as I had fun playing with an entourage of emoticon-faced robots during beta. I also took Scientist again as my path just because it was familiar and didn’t involve a lot of extra jumping puzzles.

Robots and scanbot

Robots and scanbot

I chose Exiles as my faction because any future duo levelling with my husband, once F2P is here, would have to involve Chua, Dominion-side. This time though I started in Northern Wilds->Algoroc and immediately I felt much more at home with the setting and more interested in exploring further. These two zones just feel, to me personally, like they showcase the game better than the forest zone alternatives.


Although I quickly tire of jumping puzzles, I do have enough of the explorer in me to want to go see impressive sights when I spot them. This giant robot over a hill was a welcome tease of future content. Note that my character is riding his rental equivar in this screenshot – I’ve not really rented mounts before in MMORPGs but it just seemed a no-brainer in Wildstar as the zones are pretty large and the rental is cheap for a full 24 hours of mounted travel.

So far I’m happy enough with the contrast from playing FFXIV, with the action combat and cartoony content it’s a good choice to spice up my gaming mix.

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2 Responses to Wildstar: engineering fun

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I tried a Mecharii Engineer myself in the final open beta before launch and…. it just didn’t do it for me. I don’t even remember what level I made it to. But after about 2 or 3 hours, I was done. Once it’s F2P I may give it another look and see if a different class grabs me, but… time will tell on that.

  2. Telwyn says:

    Ahem, edited to Mordesh Engineer. Got my ‘M’ races mixed up when posting this…

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