NW: Strongholds is next module

I’m still logging into Neverwinter to invoke on occasion, although I’m not playing the game actively at the moment. The latest news to be emailed me by Perfect World is that the next module is to be called Neverwinter: Strongholds.

There’s a generic video trailer and some blurb about guilds being important and that the module will bring some kind of progressive content where your guild ‘re-claims a stronghold from the wilderness’. My Neverwinter guild is pretty inactive these days so I’m not likely to be jumping on board for this content.

I suspect that a big part of the module will involve Guild versus Guild style attacks on other strongholds, it’s content that players themselves generate so it’ll last a bit longer than the normal PVE content. Although I never got very far I gather Runes of Magic had this type of ‘storm the castle’ idea a long while ago (Patch 2.1.7 in 2010).

Regardless of my low-interest levels I’m glad to see the game is continuing to see new content added at a good pace!

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