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TSW: anniversary event from 1st July

I’ve just read that The Secret World’s anniversary event will be back for two weeks starting this Wednesday, 1st July. That’s potentially good news if we find the time for some ‘guardians of gaia’ hunting madness as these world boss … Continue reading

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Guild content – is it in vogue?

According to recent news guild content seems to have renewed focus in MMORPGs at present. Guild Wars 2 adds the ‘guild’ back in The Heart of Thorns expansion will bring Guild Halls into the game allowing big guilds to capture … Continue reading

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Wildstar and community-building

Two very interesting posts yesterday that I’ve been thinking have some shared relevance. Firstly Rohan has an excellent post on the FFXIV community and how Square Enix have helped to engineer a friendlier or more patient MMO community through game … Continue reading

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FFXIV: new jobs and classes

With the launch of the Heavensward expansion for FFXIV details of the new jobs have become available on wikis. As announced the jobs of Astrologian, Dark Knight and Machinist have no base class, but like previous classes they do have … Continue reading

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Wildstar: current impressions, combat, crafting

In my current play through of Wildstar (now level 24), I’m finding combat more enjoyable than I expected although I’ve not done much in the way of more challenging content (so far only two shiphands and the two dungeons). I … Continue reading

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Neverwinter’s 2nd anniversary

The Neverwinter MMORPG has its second anniversary celebration on-going this weekend. Players can login every day from 10am PDT (so 18:00 UK time) for a different free item from the Zen store – press ‘Y’ for the store and look … Continue reading

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Perfectly-imperfect worlds

I’ve had a varied week of gaming in MMO-land and wanted to put up a few highlights of what I’ve particularly enjoyed this week. 1 Riding Eorzea I’m spending a lot of time in Final Fantasy 14 just riding around, … Continue reading

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