Random interactions

I had a long weekend of pen and paper gaming, cards (Munchkin!) and not much computer time although we did play a quick session of The Secret World. There wasn’t time for much but it was enough time to do some more of the Carpathian Fangs zone. Ebrayn-2015-05-13-22-38-32

As we prepared to do some of the missions centred around the Emma storyline a random player came up to us and asked if he could group up – I guess it’s pretty easy for players to see we’re grouped from our movement and coordination in fights. We proceeded to run through two or three missions as a group of four, it added an interesting dynamic to have a different player with us for a while. We didn’t have time to do anything more involved such as a dungeon or lair.

I wonder how often this kind of random interaction between strangers occurs in MMORPGs these days. I’ve posted recently about design issues with COOP gaming and with the solo-oriented nature of many of the games in the genre. Do people still like to group up with random players to get quests done easier/faster?

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