FFXIV: summoner, archer – bard?

I’ve been holding off on progression of my main class/job in FFXIV (Summoner) to allow my husband to catchup level-wise and main scenario quest-wise. So all my FFXIV time has been spent doing alt classes, mostly Archer for the cross-class synergy with Summoner.


That said I’ve gotten so used to playing the mobile artillery class that I may end up wanting to main that in future! I’ve just done the level 30 Archer quest, see below, but need to level Pugilist to 15 if I want to unlock the Bard job.

Almost no-one plays base classes after level 30, so playing Archer instead of Bard would be a good way to get hard stares from the veterans in any dungeons.


I think I’ll stick to playing Summoner through to 50 as Azendro is very close to my level now – level 34 and my job is at 39. He needs to do a chunk more main scenario questing, which is a mostly solo task as none of it is repeatable, so perhaps I’ll have unlocked Bard by that point.

I’ve given crafting a brief glimpse, and immediately started down the dark path of wanting to make all the required materials using all the different crafting jobs. That would quickly become overwhelming. I think I’ll save my gaming time and gil for now and just leave crafting as a future side-activity.

It’s looking less likely we’ll be ready for the expansion in time, I’m sure we’ll make level 50, but I hear there are a ton of level 50 main scenario quests to get through before we’ve unlocked the prerequisites for Heavensward. It’s not a big issue, I’m very used to being behind the curve in games and their expansions.

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