TSW: mounts to be added to the game

A reddit thread has the breaking news that mounts are coming to The Secret World, a dev on a livestream off the new Tokyo patch content throws in, casually, at the end the image of two different characters astride different motorcycle models. That’s pretty exciting news, although I’m in two minds about how it will affect the ambience of the world. It makes perfect sense to have vehicles in this modern-day MMORPG but, knowing that certain type of player, it will mean ‘bunny-hopping’ and engine-revving motorcycles circle-straffing all over the Agartha and main cities.

Funcom DevStream image

Funcom DevStream image

The dev (Tilty?) mentions that it’s a way to customise the current sprint mode – that sounds to me like the mounts may be purely cosmetic with no additional increase in speed over our current max-speed sprint. More details are to follow in a press release that was also mentioned in the stream.

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