It doesn’t take much – inspirations to return to a game

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit fickle when it comes to what games I’m currently playing. I like variety in my gaming mix and I get bored quickly if there’s too much grind involved in progressing story or my character. I’m very happy playing The Secret World with the husband and a friend. I’m excited to be leveling towards the current cap in Final Fantasy 14 and to join the rush into the expansion content when Heavensward launches.

Two things have messed up my plans for concentrating on just these games though. Firstly I popped my head back into Everquest 2 to play some during the bonus XP week and was reminded how much I like the storytelling and the housing system. I get fed up with the slow leveling pace if I play it too intensively but then I’ve not much interest in the end game anyway so does that really matter?

This Freeport quest offers some rather dark choices...

This Freeport quest offers some rather dark choices…

Then more recently we sat watching the third Hobbit movie (The Battle of the Five Armies) and suddenly I really wanted to be leveling one of my low-level dwarf or elf characters (the elven minstrel or dwarf hunter perhaps) once more.


I’ve a gaggle of low-level characters that sit untouched and the low-level content, especially everything up to level 50, is so good that I’m more than happy to repeat it. The later leveling seems so intensive and there’s so much of it that I start to feel weighed down by the amount of levels that I need to get. But the early game is so good it’s always tempting to pop back into Middle Earth.

What inspires or tempts you to return to an MMORPG that you’re not actively playing?

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2 Responses to It doesn’t take much – inspirations to return to a game

  1. Shintar says:

    – People talking about it and making it sound like they are having a great time.
    – The release of new content that sounds interesting to me.

  2. deefer89 says:

    Wow had me hooked for year, the reason I play it casually now is there is so little to do in the world. I agree with all your ideas of getting bored at a rapid rate. But after reading your blog you’ve tempted me to go and have another look at Everquest as wow is just boring.

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