Guest Post : Garrosh’s Adventures in Outlands – Part 2

[Hi! Meznir here – Telwyn’s hubby. Today I’m doing a guest post about WoW. Telwyn quit the game a few years ago as he hated the direction the game was going, but I’ve been carrying on without him. We had the idea of me occasionally posting about WoW so that the blog still covers that game.]

In Part 1 I started on my mission to find out what happened to Garrosh in The Burning Crusade (because woe betide Alliance players should be told the main story in WoW!), spent a good while doing Prerequisite quests and catching up with Lantresor of the Blade.

But finally I got the quest chain I was looking for: A Visit With the Greatmother

Garrosh is in a grumpy mood...

Garrosh is in a grumpy mood…

I went to chat to Greatmother Geyah (sat next to Thrall!), who told me about raising orphaned Orcs (including Garrosh) after the last time the Dark Portal was opened. She also implied that Blackhand (a boss that we’ve just killed in Warlords raid Blackrock Foundry) had sick Orcs killed, to strengthen his pack.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

She tells me that Garrosh could be a strong leader of the Mag’har, but that he is overcome with fear: That if he let himself go, his rage would consume him and all near to him (Well she got that right! For those who don’t know – he goes insane in Mists of Pandaria and ends up as the end boss of the expansion, with even the Horde coming together with the Alliance to stop him). She tells me though that she can’t pass on to the spirit world until he has found his heart. She decides that I should expand my mind so that I can commune with the ancestors (in particular, Mother Kashur – who was the clan mother in the time of Garad – Durotan’s father) – by collecting herbs from various zones in Outlands, to make a potion.

Telaari Frond in Nagrand

Telaari Frond in Nagrand

Olemba Root in Terokkar Forest

Olemba Root in Terokkar Forest

Dragonspine in Blade's Edge Mountains

Dragonspine in Blade’s Edge Mountains

Marshberry in Zangarmarsh

Marshberry in Zangarmarsh

Back in Garadar, Greatmother Geyah creates the tincture and makes me drink it, before sending me off to the Ancestral Grounds to speak to Mother Kashur’s spirit.

Argh! A Ghost!

Argh! A Ghost!

To be continued…

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4 Responses to Guest Post : Garrosh’s Adventures in Outlands – Part 2

  1. kaozz says:

    Nice screenshots šŸ™‚ Makes me miss the old Draenor zones.

    Cool to see you posting, always nice to see different a perspective!

  2. Atherne says:

    What a good idea, co-blogging. I like your writing style. It’s interesting to see the game from the Horde side, which I’ve never leveled past the starter areas.

    • Meznir says:

      Thanks! I’m thinking I might explore a few Horde side things I haven’t seen like their version of Operation: Stormshield and apparently the WoD Horde storyline explains loads that allis don’t see.

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