TSW: flaming weird

The Secret World does weird so very well. By weird I mean a whole spectrum of weird from the unusual characters, the spooky locales and the frankly disturbing plot lines. This post has some screenshots that may be A) spoilerish and B) a bit graphic so only click to read on if you’re ok with both!

Take the mission chain that rewards a character with the flamethrower auxiliary weapon for instance. I was feeling auxiliary weapon envy (healer has quantum brace and dps has the rocket launcher) and I really *wanted* my flamethrower finally. So I dutifully wiki-searched to find what was needed (the game gives no real clues here).

It all starts with Who Horrifies the Horrors in Besieged Farmlands (zone 1 of Transylvania). We did that mission back six weeks ago so it wasn’t exactly fresh in our memories when we picked the trail up again.

Oh I want one of *those*!

Oh, I want one of *those*!


We’re playing the game more often these days but sadly it’s usually the “second game” of the evening – we aren’t all free until 21:30ish so a session never lasts more than an hour and a half. That’s enough time to do a few missions and the game supports shorter sessions well enough, especially since they added ‘anima leaps’ for in-zone faster travel.

The Flamethrower weapon unlocks as part of an Issue 7 mission chain that is very, very creepy. Playing through the episodes weeks apart as we have is probably a bad idea since they are layered with details and hints at what is to come. Some missions have a lot of computer logs and other documentation to read on-screen and, sadly, at the moment our sessions are short on time for this type of content. So I’d like to replay the whole chain again when we have time for a proper full evening to go through it in more detail.

Where are the Health and Safety inspectors in this town?

Where are the Health and Safety inspectors in this town?


Part three in the chain, Where the Hatchet Falls, is a sabotage mission. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these as I hate jumping puzzles and sometimes you have to dodge or jump laser beams or other hazards in these missions. It’s the one type of mission where having a group can be a hindrance as in some sabotage missions one misstep by one character will auto-wipe the whole team. Even if your mistake only leads to your own characters untimely demise it does hold the whole team back if you’re running back from the entrance multiple times…


This mission keeps up with the “new heights of weird” vibe for the chain, despite the emphasis on stealth and traps.


The last, and most atmospheric mission of all is The Sound of Children. It’s a very good mission from a story perspective, it just happens that the flamethrower auxiliary weapon is tucked away inside the same location. Do not enter this mission without your inactive flamethrower (a reward from the first mission in the chain) in your inventory! If it’s in the bank you’ll not be able to empower it in the lab to make the inert quest object into the actual weapon. This was a case of too many weeks gone by – I’d completely forgotten I’d banked the darn thing. Thankfully in a trio I was able to Agartha to get the item out of the bank and then use the handy ‘meetup’ option to beam back to the start of the instance – if you solo this chain you might have to restart the mission from scratch!

Am I being paid enough for this level of weird?

Am I being paid enough for this level of weird?

So we completed the excellent mission chain and I now have an awesome new auxiliary weapon to use. We’re going to start investigating the Scenario system and in particular the Lair system – I’ll do a future post about Lairs as we were excited to discover at random about their existence in the game!

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2 Responses to TSW: flaming weird

  1. Sylow says:

    On the flamethrower: congrats! It’s my favourite open world aux weapon and also sees good use inside of dungeons and the NY raid. I really love it.

    On scenarios: i wish you fun, but really, don’t overdo them. They are designed as the grind to keep top tier players busy for a looong time. You can burn yourself out on them if you don’t watch it.

    On lairs: Hell, it’s ages since i’ve been there. But while i wish you good luck there, your group size tells me that this most likely won’t be enough. Indeed you might be able to complete most, perhaps even all missions in the lairs, but with only 3 people doing the missions, you can’t get many boss fragments from the mission rewards.

    So for really doing lairs, you might want to have some more people for company. Also, the one gathering the fragments and thus creating the boss blueprints is well advised to have the ultimate crafter addon installed. The alternative is to run a huge excel list next to the game to keep track on what you have and what you need. No fun.

    Last not least, i am not certain if you can beat a boss with just 3 people. (I know some people who certainly can, but from what you write, your gear is not up for that task yet. ) So again, my advice for lairs is to go there with more people.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    I think everyone has love/hate relationships with the Sabotage missions. It seems to be “hate when doing it the 1st time or 2, but then I learn it and it becomes love as they become an easy xp farm once you know their path/gimmick.”

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