FFXIV: grand companies and chocobos

My last few sessions of Final Fantasy 14 have been mostly focused around helping my husband’s character with leveling. I’m slightly stuck between wanting to get my own character’s main class to level 50 but also wanting his character caught up so we can do the 30-50 journey together.


The game has a lot of variety for content that you can do with friends, but the main scenario quests are often solo only. That’s a shame, as he commented, Star Wars The Old Republic lets you help friends in their class story missions.

Running quests in the East Shroud area for him I’ve been impressed by the amount of activity on our server (Balmung) – both new characters (with the tell-tale green leaf icon) and level 50s doing content that brings them to the old zones.



I didn’t follow this formation of raiders to find out why they were charging through the zone, but it was impressive to see a large force of heroes en route like this. There was a fair deal of in character banter occurring in the ‘shout’ channel so I guess it was a roleplay group on maneuvers. Even if I’m not a part of such activities, I love to see it happening out in the world – some of my fondest memories in SWTOR were the early days when roleplayers were heavily and visibly active on my server in that game.

Another level 50 activity that I often see out and about in zones of all levels is the Hunt for (relatively) rare monsters.



This time and once before I’ve joined in to such a fight, at extreme range, just for the fun of it. I plinged away with my lowly level 24 abilities and mostly missed but managed to get enough hits in to get a few Allaghan Tomestones of Soldiery. I suspect I’d be killed by a single hit from such a creature if I was careless but at least as Archer I can stay well back.

Otherwise we’ve been doing some of the many side or regional quests that I’ve skipped and a good number of FATEs beside to get some company seals.Upon reaching the moment of decision over which company to join he chose Maelstrom over Immortal Flame based on the flavour and look of the company and city (Limsa). Although I’ve read that Grand Company gear is biased towards a certain trinity role I think in the end we’re more likely to get gear from dungeons and other group content than from our Grand Company vendor.


I really like the chocobo mount and combat companion system; it’s deep enough to offer some interesting options and the chocobos and their attacks are very nicely animated. I haven’t got much history with the Final Fantasy franchise as a gamer but since getting into the revamped version of this game I’ve really become a fan of riding a battle bird around Eorzea!

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3 Responses to FFXIV: grand companies and chocobos

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I’ve done my own plinking at range on the level 50 hunts too. Good times!

    I too enjoy the companion system. It’s a huge help in the lower levels, and still somewhat in the higher ones as well for the jobs that come after that 1st one. I’ve got mine to level 8 now, and starting to knock on the door of level 9. I’ve been shooting toward the “9/4” damage/healer split with getting the 4 healer skills 1st, then working up the damage tree. It’s slow going, but… getting there.

  2. Dan says:

    I don’t know what it is that Final Fantasy does (the series in general) but there is just something loveable about chocobos. Getting your own seems so great and yet, I don’t know why…

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