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Wildstar free to play this Autumn; time for a second look?

So the announcement has come out that Wildstar will be going free to play (F2P) this Autumn (no specific date yet). There’s been a couple of articles already addressing this on Massively OP and lots of forum discussion also. I’ve … Continue reading

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“Modern MMO” characteristics

There’s a wave of nostalgia going on in the MMO blogosphere at the moment with a new Everquest progression server (or even two) taking people back to that game’s early days. I tried logging into Everquest 2 and Dungeons and … Continue reading

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Random interactions

I had a long weekend of pen and paper gaming, cards (Munchkin!) and not much computer time although we did play a quick session of The Secret World. There wasn’t time for much but it was enough time to do … Continue reading

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Repetition in an online game world

Shintar of Going Commando has an interesting blog post about ‘clones’ in Star Wars the Old Republic, meaning here NPCs that are copies with the same look and name. It’s a common enough problem in MMORPGs, once you get used … Continue reading


FFXIV: summoner, archer – bard?

I’ve been holding off on progression of my main class/job in FFXIV (Summoner) to allow my husband to catchup level-wise and main scenario quest-wise. So all my FFXIV time has been spent doing alt classes, mostly Archer for the cross-class … Continue reading


Story and coop gameplay

The only downside I’m finding to playing FFXIV at the moment is the volume of solo-only instanced content in the main scenario quests. It’s a very common problem in MMORPGs, developers seem to think we should be forced to do … Continue reading

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MMOs and exploring

Massively OP had a post recently to ask about what MMO gets you exploring. I have written posts on exploration in MMORPGs before but nothing touching that topic recently, that got me thinking. It appears I’ve shifted towards the ‘achiever’ … Continue reading

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