FFXIV: update and the new player perspective

My odyssey in Final Fantasy 14 continues albeit with a shake-up in the nature of my  play sessions due to my husband recently starting the game. On my main job, currently summoner, I’ve just dinged level 34 and am still working on the main scenario quests. The latest barrier to progress, purely because I lacked the time for a longer gaming session, was the Brayflox Longstop dungeon. I’ve now finally given that a go and happily can carry on with the story.

Very smooth Brayflox pug group

Very smooth Brayflox pug group

The second aspect to my FFXIV gaming is introducing a totally new player to the game, which by chance has absorbed more of my gaming time than normal this last week. Although I remain a ‘newbie’ myself compared to my guild mates who spend most of their time in hard mode dungeons, raids or on hunts (all level 50 activities), it’s nothing compared to the experience of someone who’s really new to the game.


Why (almost) no voice?

So my husband has asked me why there’s no voice in any cut scenes. It’d not really occured to me and it should have given that I’ve played so much The Secret World recently but most of the copious cut scenes used in the Main Scenario quest series lack voice-over. In fact one of the few instances recently where a quest was voiced I found jarring due to the sudden appearance of unfamiliar voice acting. I guess it’s a cost/translation issue more than a technical one but I do appreciate the fact that our character will seem to answer NPCs back on occasion. We don’t see or hear what our character says and it’s usually done in a context of not needing to know (we’re usually telling an NPC what we’ve been up to). I prefer that to the “mute brooding stranger” role that The Secret World has our character play in every cut scene.

Slightly ‘old school’ quest design

Yes, FFXIV does occasionally send you back and forth between quest-giver and quest location, sometimes it’ll do that more than twice. I’ve written about this in Rift and other games – it’s never a good idea to design quests with so much repetitive travel. At least in FFXIV with the ever-available return or teleport actions you can avoid the ultimate quest design faux-pas of making you fight all the way past a horde of rapidly respawning monsters to a quest objective and then all the way back out again!

Back to Drest ... again ...

Back to Drest … again …

Why can’t you repeat quests?

I don’t really have a good answer for this other than it would make the game too solo-oriented? I’ve chosen to level archer alongside his arcanist but I’ve done most of the quests so far so I have to use hunt logs and FATEs to keep up with his character. Weirdly I seem to gain more experience from some activities than his character does, is it because I’m grouped with a ‘new adventurer’?

His character is marked with the green shoots icon for a new character (see dictionary of FFXIV icons under Player Icons section). I guess it makes sense to not be able to repeat the Main Scenario quests, and we do have guildleves and FATEs as repeatable content so it’s not that big a deal. So far it’s worked ok without repeating quests but keeping a pair of classes (/jobs) in step is important for me so I’m hoping I can keep up with his character until he’s high enough for me to swap back to my main job!

Random pretty screenshot to finish!

Random pretty screenshot to finish!

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  1. achaiusplays says:

    When I was leveling my “main” (Bard) I only used the story quests, dungeons and fates. I left the side quests alone to use for my secondary classes, thinking it would help. Funnily enough, though, I now have 3 level 50 classes, and still have almost all of those side quests sitting there. I haven’t used them…

    That’s because when you are leveling a class that is lower than another you already have, you get a boost in EXP from FATEs and enemies, and dungeons as well. So if you have a level 34 summoner, and start leveling archer, archer will get an exp boost until it reaches 34. Basically, as long as archer is a lower level than summoner, it will get an exp boost.

    So, using this, I grinded ninja from 1 – 50 in 3 days doing dungeons and fates alone (I was on annual leave at the time so I went nuts). If I were you, I would spam dungeons with your husband. For example, if either of you don’t have all the gear sets from the first three dungeons (Foestriker’s, Acolyte, Plundered and I think there is another) I would suggest running them until you both get all the gear. Same with Brayflox (the gear from there will be good until level 40/45). Doing the roulette as well is good for exp. At low levels (until 25 or 30) they are 1 run per level, roughly. 🙂

  2. Aywren says:

    I noticed that the main scenario questline after level 50 actually felt to have more voice acting than the original main scenario story. Not sure why that is – maybe the dev team had more resources to put into the content once they were confident the remake of the game was well received?

  3. pkudude99 says:

    As Aywern said — seems like post-50 everything is voiced. Though tbh, I felt that the main story started getting a lot more voice work post 30, and then at 50 it really took off.

    I got a friend started yesterday myself — he’s up to level 6 now, but my lowest class is 15, so we ran around doing low-level fates so that I could sync down. If I didn’t, any pull, even by him brought 3 mobs and if I killed them he got no xp. Was a bit odd. Fortunately, 15 doesn’t take long, so we’ll be able to play at level soon enough. Of course, I’ve got level 50’s so that gives a straight 50% xp boost to all other jobs too, so I’ll have to be careful not to shoot on ahead of him.

    I’ve got a 2nd character that my daughter uses. I’ve gotten CNJ and ACN both to 30 and unlocked SCH and WHM for her, mostly just doing dungeons and the main story. Haven’t really obthered with any side quests on that character at all, and I don’t feel like what time I spent on it went slowly. OTOH, on my own character when I was leveling my 1st job, I did every sidequest I could find, and while the stories they told were interesting and fun for the most part, I hoesntly thnk had I just run a few more dungeons or done a few more fates (which I actually largely avoided while leveling up that job) then I wouldn’t have even noticed the side quest xp.

    • Telwyn says:

      I’m hoping it’ll be easy enough to stay in balance since I’ll not be getting the main scenario XP and will not be getting any side quest XP until we get into the level 20+ areas where I stopped doing those quests in favour of hunts and FATEs.

      • pkudude99 says:

        Between the challenge log, dungeon xp bonuses for doing a roulette each day, fates, and leve quests, leveling even without the main scenario and the side-quests goes pretty quickly. I can’t say that I’ve missed the quest xp at all on my additional jobs that I’ve been working on. Last weekend I got my Bard from 34 to 43 and didn’t feel like I was grinding or even playing all that much. Tuesday night and then again last night I played the Bard a bit… 1 dungeon run each night, and I got from 44 to 46. And then stupidly swapped to BLM for a dungeon and finished 2 more challenge log entries and thus lost 120K xp that could have gone to the Bard. Oops! On the other hand, I can go to Mor Dhona and grab 10 leve quests and run them all in less than a half hour and they’ll be worth 180K, so it’s still just not a big deal.

      • pkudude99 says:

        And I forgot to mention the “DD 1st room” grind that you can do too. 55K xp in 5 minutes or less depending on your group makeup. I did it on my WHM with a 2nd WHM in group and we were doing a run every 2.5 minutes and got from barely 48 to 50 in less than an hour. There’s also a FATE strategy in Northern La Noscea that I’ve heard of but not done that I’m told gives 200K xp in about 20 minutes. Players always find a way….

  4. bhagpuss says:

    No voice on my character was one of the things I liked best about the cut-scenes in FFXIV. I really don’t like to hear any of my characters speak out loud in any game.

    Sadly we’re getting voice for characters in GW2 with the expansion and knowing ANet there will be no option to disable it. I can’t really understand why people would want to hear their character speaking other people’s words in the voice of Some Random Actor. In single-player RPGs, where you are essentially controlling someone else’s character in someone else’s story then it kind of makes sense (although even there I never feel quite comfortable with it) but in an MMO, where the characters you play are directly analogous to characters in tabletop RPG t just makes no sense at all.

    Would you want the DM to voice your characters for you in a D&D game?

    • Shintar says:

      Would you want the DM to voice your characters for you in a D&D game?

      Interestingly, that question seems quite absurd at first, but (as someone who quite likes voice-acting in video games) I thought about it a little bit and actually, I wouldn’t mind – as long as the DM did a good job at it and I still got to decide how my character reacts (which would obviously be difficult in a tabletop environment as opposed to on a computer).

      For me, the fun in roleplaying has always been in being part of a story and directing its outcome. I’m a pretty terrible actor though and not particularly attached to that part these days.

    • Meznir says:

      @Bhagpuss I’m confused – GW2 player characters have had voices in animations since launch – I always found it a bit odd as our two Asurans sound the same! What’s changing with the patch?

      Interesting point about DM voicing your characters. I guess though the difference is that in the real work you CAN voice your own character yourself. I would find it odd for the DM to start doing it

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