Neverwinter: invocation changes

An unexpected part of Module 6 was a significant revamp of the invocation system in Neverwinter. Daily invokes and crafting task allocation have been my only acivity in the game for some months now, so was surprised to see a new user interface for invocation when I logged in post patch last week. The details quoted from the patch notes:

Invocation rewards have been updated to better reward players who log in every day, while removing the sting for those who accidentally miss a day or two.
Here is a quick highlight of the changes to Invocation:

  • Celestial Coins no longer disappear if their bearer does not Invoke!
  • The first few Invocations per day can be performed more frequently, and Invocations grow more powerful the more times they’re performed in a given day.
    • After the first Invoke, the player may invoke again after 15 minutes, then 30, and so on.
    • Experience and Astral Diamond rewards increase with each Invocation in the same day.
    • After the final blessing, players are no longer prompted to Invoke until the next day.
  • A new Invocation window shows the player’s current progress in the day’s Invocation path, as well as a preview of the rewards eachtier will provide.
    • The Invocation day resets when daily quests reset, allowing players to begin Invoking anew.
  • The final tier of Invocation allows players to gain a second Celestial Coin in a single day!

As stated in the quote they want players to play for longer in a given session. This makes invocation more of a background activity to longer play sessions than a “once a day” routine for free stuff. The user interface is more complex and the action requires two key presses or a key press and mouse click; even that slight change could get annoying if you’re logging multiple alts in to invoke every day.

What the quote does not explicitly state is that the XP and material rewards are now spread over multiple invokes in order to receive the same net benefits as what used to be the first invoke of the day.

nw_invokenewThe fact that the Celestial coin count doesn’t reset if you miss an invoke is a real plus. Also if you play for hours a day it seems likely you’ll get more rewards overall (four hours I think to get everything in the list above including a second Celestial coin). It might well be good changes overall for active players but for someone like me, who keeps an eye on the game but doesn’t play at the moment, it has lessened the benefits from logging in for that first invoke of the day.

I’ll continue to invoke on my Control Wizard when time permits until he has his purple angel but beyond that I think the game is properly on the shelf until I’ve finished bingeing on Final Fantasy 14.

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  1. Shintar says:

    Oh, I had missed that bit about the Celestial Coins! That’s nice at least, especially as they’ve doubled the amount you need to get the same rewards as before on those as well…

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