Neverwinter: Elemental Evil launch day

Neverwinter launched Module 6: Elemental Evil on the 7th April, but as is so often the case with MMORPG patches something seemed to have gone wrong initially (27 pages of forum posts documented the issues).

Computer says no

Computer says no

This screenshot was taken at 22:00 GMT+1, approximately four hours after the maintenance period was due to finish. The server came up only ten minutes later but that’s already too late for me to do much before bed.

Given the choice of either a) logging on a level 60 character and trying to work out what has changed (many characters seem to have had partial resets) or b) create a new level 1 Paladin, clearly I went with the easy option…


I managed to get through the tutorial and go to Protector’s Enclave before logging so I could grab some of the free goodies I get on each character as part of having bought the Guardian of Neverwinter pack. The Greycloak’s Legacy weapon chest didn’t seem to be working for my Paladin – I got an error I already had one of those items yet no mace appeared in my inventory.


Raise shields!


Ability-wise almost immediately I found that there’s no dodge – pressing shift makes you go into a defensive hunch-like stance. You can walk slowly while in this stance. It wasn’t until I left the tutorial that the graphics for this wasn’t displaying properly – out in Protector’s Enclave it summons a blue protective circle around my character. I’ve not played Guardian Fighter in the game, which is the other class lacking a dodge ability – so this is going to an interesting contrast. I wonder what it’ll be like for Paladin healers to have to ‘hunker down’ instead of dodging the red area attacks in boss fights?

My first encounter power - Burning Light

My first encounter power – Burning Light

The basic at-will and encounter powers are all area attacks so this class will probably be a dream to level up – killing groups of monsters will be fun. The second at-will you get is a short-range charge, that’ll help a little against archers and spellcasters I suppose but it will mean a lot of running around after monsters.

He died quicker than I could press PrtScn...

He died quicker than I could press PrtScn…

At the end of the tutorial I was surprised to find that my new daily power Divine Judgement one-shotted the boss monster. That’s never happened before on the five other characters I have so either the rebalancing of power progression for the extra ten levels has broken something at lower levels or Paladin abilities may need some fine tuning still!

I’m not sure when I’ll find time to play Neverwinter at present but the odd session leveling a Paladin will be a nice contrast with FFXIV. There’s also the new module content to play through on one of my level 60s but I think that can wait at least a few weeks as the new zones will likely be a zerg-fest at present.

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6 Responses to Neverwinter: Elemental Evil launch day

  1. pkudude99 says:

    For the GF, the shield block instead of dodge negates all damage taken just like a dodge would, at the cost of Stamina… again, just like dodge. The difference being that bigger hits take off more Stamina, where a dodge has a fixed cost. Add in that you can block everything until the stamina depletes (which it does and FAST if you try to block everything, and not just the big hits) and I actually found myself preferring the shield to dodge in most cases. At least until the stamina was gone, anyway, since the other classes can still move around as part of their job, but the GF’s job is to stand there and take it. Though not solo. Circle-strafe all you like when solo……

  2. Shintar says:

    I only just logged in to see the changes to invoking – instead of getting most of the reward up front, you now have to invoke every 15 minutes for one and a half hours to get the maximum reward. I guess there were a bit too many people that logged in just to invoke, without doing anything else (like me)…

  3. Sigh, another thing I need to get around to trying. Too much on my gaming plate just now…

  4. Be careful when you log in on your lev 60s. Do not attempt to solo any of the previous campaigns as all mobs have been upped to lev 70+. Report back with Sgt. Knox at Protector’s Enclave and do the new quest chain instead. ^_~

  5. Telwyn says:

    @Pkudude – I’ve seen GF in action but never played it, the Paladin does get to crawl along in defensive stance at least but in an action MMO I like to use the dodge moves.
    @Shintar – indeed, clever thinking from PWE but in my case it won’t make me play for longer unless the new content grabs me. I had a reason to invoke every day when possible (to get the purple angel companion). Once I have that I’ll be logging in less probably.
    @Tyler – it’s a great side game. Not much good as a main MMO but the action combat is very nicely tuned IMHO.
    @Joseph – I’ve read that since posting this. Yep, I’ll run the campaign on my CW solo at some point when the zerg has moved on a bit.

    • Oh, I’ve played plenty of Neverwinter. I’ve got a level sixty ranger and a stable of mid-level alts. I meant the paladin class in particular is something I need to try.

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