FFXIV: patch 2.55 and story progress

The latest patch has been released for Final Fantasy XIV, 2.55, titled Before the Fall.

This patch adds more quests to the ‘main scenario’ storyline for A Realm Reborn but brings this same storyline to its pre-expansion conclusion. I’m not near experiencing this level 50 content at the moment, my highest job is Summoner 33. Thankfully I’ve got until June to try to make it to 50 and to finish the storyline. There’s not much in the patch for players who are still leveling.

In other news I’ve played a few sessions of pure main scenario questing. Since I’d become stuck behind the mandatory dungeon runs to progress this I’d out-levelled the level 24 “Into the Beast’s Maw” quest by seven levels. So my first task was to use the Duty Finder to run the Thousand Maws of Toto-rak dungeon.



Thereafter I ran a couple of dozen conversation-heavy quests across various zones, I suspect it’s much better to do the main scenario quests as you level rather than in catchup-mode. My last session started with me at the next dungeon quest, Haukke Manor.


I was very glad I’d watched the video guide for both dungeons (e.g. Mr Happy’s Youtube channel), in particular the end fights as there are mechanics to be aware of. Both groups were friendly but efficient in their approach to the dungeons – better to be prepared and accept the spoilers than cause unnecessary wipes. I ended the session in the build-up to a new ‘trial‘ (Ifrit was the first and last one), via a windy series of quests in La Noscea’s Costa del Sol area.

I’m planning on using the main scenario quests, plus the odd FATE, daily-duty and dungeon run to level Summoner to 50. That will also automatically allow me to play Scholar at the same level since the primary class for both these, Arcanist, is leveled in the background with the current job. After that I’ll need to focus on the main scenario to progress through all the post launch content up to the patch 2.55 denouement. Here’s hoping I can manage all that before Heavensward launches!

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