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EQ2: Daybreak’s website, bonus XP and CEO interview

I logged into Everquest 2 for the first time in some weeks, the longest break I’ve had from this game since September of last year. I had a good run in the game up until recently but the old-school slow … Continue reading

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TSW: random puzzle is random

We duo’ed an investigation mission in our latest session of The Secret World. Overall the puzzle-oriented investigation missions are our favourite aspect to this game, they’re comparatively rare compared to action (i.e. combat) missions but they stand out as memorable … Continue reading

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MMORPG sequels: what happens to the elder game?

I recently had the chance to run part of the adventure from the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Starter Set. It was well put together and the rules are a mix of familiarity and some new ideas but it’s not … Continue reading

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FFXIV: dungeon finder’s pretty good

I’ve played now all the leveling dungeons up to Brayflox’s Longstop several times each, mostly as caster DPS (Arcanist/Summoner) but also occasionally as healer (lately Scholar). So far of the 20 or so dungeon runs I’ve been on I’ve only … Continue reading

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Liebster 2: Electric Bougaloo

Warning: this blog post title has nested in-jokes that will only make sense to a few people. 😉 I was recently nominated again by a fellow blogger via the Liebster chain-topic that has been doing the rounds the last month … Continue reading

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TSW: scratching the surface of character progression

We’ve been playing the Secret World for some months now, and we’re a good way through the storyline of the game’s original zones. But like any MMORPG there’s been a lot of content since launch so I don’t feel like … Continue reading

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FFXIV: Summoner progress

I’ve been playing my main class of Summoner in FFXIV again in between duo sessions. After a really lengthy seeming build-up quest chain I’ve done my second titan fight. The quality of the storytelling of the main scenario is coming … Continue reading

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