Pillars of Eternity

Syp at Bio Break is posting about Pillars for Eternity so I just watched the trailer video. It looks to be a very polished Baldur’s Gate-like game. It’s not a direct successor of course and is not set in the Wizard’s of the Coast’s Forgotten Realms setting. Scree mentioned this when I was discussing Sword Coast Legends in a previous post.

The game lacks any form of cooperative gameplay, none was planned I gather from this forum thread. That sort of kills any interest I might have in the game sadly despite it looking polished and interesting. I have a small back catalogue of solo RPG games that I’ve not completed since discovering the MMORPG genre and it’s not likely I’ll get to them soon (games including Dragon Age 1, Mass Effect 1, Kingdoms of Amalur and Skyrim).

Pillars of Eternity might well be a really good solo RPG but unless it gets multiplayer added at some point it’s not likely to make it onto my gaming roster.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I hear you on the whole “once I started MMO’s it was hard to go back” thing. But with that said, I’ve got nearly 400 hours in Skyrim and this past weekend I spent a lot of time in PoE myself. It’s very engaging — amazing story, and difficult enough to feel like you really accomplished something after some of the fights.


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