TSW: golden golem invasion!

The last time there was the Golden Week event our characters were still very new – we’d just unlocked Savage Coast and had QL 2 or 3 gear at best. So I read with happiness that the event is back starting the 24th and ending the 1st April. That’s enough time for us to cram in a few sessions of golden golem stomping!

Logging in last night briefly to test the waters, we specced for ranged combat and sat watching the event channel. Golems were popping in a number of zones although we missed the first couple as when you ‘meet up’ with a someone calling out a golem’s location you have to get there quick enough before the zone fills up. We were a bit confused at first over switching dimensions – unlike say Neverwinter or SWTOR where you can deliberately switch  between instances of the same zone, in TSW you can only ‘meet up’ with a friend or a party member. A lot of people advertise to help though so you add whoever as your friend quickly and meet up before the zone fills.


I took the time before we got into a fight to create a pure ranged deck using Assault Rifle. It’s the only ranged weapon I have at QL 10 where I have a decent amount of abilities unlocked (I have a QL 10 pistol but barely anything unlocked so far). It also has super long range, just beyond the reach of the golem’s “knock up in the air” attack so I can safely shoot, grenade and sling the odd leech heal with only the golem’s extra large area damage attack to worry about.


It was fun and looks to be a profitable use of time in terms of AP and SP gain. I’m not so fussed about golden costume items but hey, if anything drops I won’t complain!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Good old Blingzilla! I gotta get on this weekend and kill him a few times.

  2. Shintar says:

    I’m amused by how many people in those screenshots appear to be half-naked! I guess not even the darkest and dreariest settings are safe from that kind of thing…

  3. Sylow says:

    The golden outfits are actually in the loot bags. They can be bought for real money or in London for the tokens you get for killing the golems. (You can buy a max of 2 bags that way per day. )

    But actually the bags are what i by now get fed up with. I like the idea of the party bag, but i dislike the way they currently are handled. I understand that “new bags, new stuff” is a financially sound decission for Funcom, it seems to bring them more money than creating actual content. But for me personally these bags are utterly frustrating. I rarely can play on Tuesday evenings, and whenever a new bag is introduced, it’s “be online on tuesday or get lost”.

    My girl can play on tuesdays and in turn within one evening managed to get a collection of outfits on all four of her characters. In contrast, i doubt i’ll have even half of that to the end of the event, as people tend to pop masses of those bags on the first evening, then almost none any more.

    I personally would prefer more “casual” bags, which would be available in the store all of the time, instead of “event only”. With permanently available bags, i think they’d be used more on social events, instead of the “bag parties” which we have at the moment.

    But alas, it’s this way that Funcom does it, and i guess from a financial point of view it makes sense.

    • Telwyn says:

      We’ve not really engaged with that side of the game yet but I can see how it might irk. I guess we might go spend some tokens towards the end of the week but certainly won’t be buying any from the store.

      • Sylow says:

        I usually buy one or two bags per event. Between the events i pile up enoug bonus points (GM account) for that. Considering that my girl is at RFG (radio free gaia) and i’m along at her shows quite often, i have to keep up with the dances available in game. 😀

        Buying points on the other hand i usually only do when new content (issues, sidestories) comes out. It’s only a small drop in the ocean, but i just hope that sales for actual content are good enough to prevent the game from drifting into the “boxes, all boxes” direction.

      • Sylow says:

        And on spending the tokens: do spend them on time, before the event is over. There’s no announced other use for them and it’s unlikely that they’ll ever be useful for anything, except with some luck they’ll still be valid at the next event.

        The only question you have to answer for yourself is: do you want the golden pet for 80 tokens, and can you collect them within the duration of the event? If yes, go collect, if no, feel free to spend them on bags and sell surplus stuff at the auction house.

    • Anything that’s in the bags can be traded between players, so you can buy everything you want from the auction house. Farming signets, augments, attuning kits, and the like actually tends to be the best way to get the stuff you want from the bags — sell them for pax and use it buy bag goodies.

      • Sylow says:

        Aye. But the top tier items are on the AH for like 20 millions or more. And i’d have to pay that every few weeks, when they come out with the next box. No go for me.

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