FFXIV and the currency symbol switch

Although I’m loving playing FFXIV at the moment, this doesn’t blind me to the greedy little decision to just swap currency symbols on the pricing of the Collector’s Edition of Heavensward from $130 to £130 (it should be £87.95 approx.). There’s a forum thread about this, currently at 533 posts long. Calculations vary depending on the exchange rate used but it was a bad idea to expect UK players to pay equivalent of ~$190 for a $130 box (EU players will pay equivalent of $145 at €133).

This is nothing new however, there’s a popular newspaper-coined concept of “rip-off Britain” because for decades we have had to pay way above the odds for imported cars, household appliances and in particular IT tech. Talk of this started in the 1990s with the car industry, but it soon spread to include computers and other high value items. As this consumer-rights magazine article points out, it’s one thing for manufactured goods like laptops – items that need actually shipping to the UK through our sometimes byzantine customs controls; it’s another thing entirely for digitally delivered software to be overpriced in this way!

I wouldn’t consider buying the collector’s edition of Heavensward in any case, $199 is way too pricey for a game in my book. But it still rankles that even on the standard digital edition I’ll probably be paying over the odds – not something I’ve faced recently with other subscription MMOs (Everquest 2, World of Warcraft) which make some attempt at converting prices for their different playerbases. Since I have no desire to pre-order the expansion I can only hope that Square Enix will bow to pressure between now and June and actually setup a reasonable pricing model ahead of the expansion launch.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Given the excellent exchange rate with the Euro right now, could we just buy the EU version from an EU-based company? Even with shipping costs it would be much cheaper that way. Since FFXIV isn’t region-locked, would it make any difference?

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