FFXIV: double unlock

Quick visual update on my last gaming session:




The Arcanist level 30 quest gave me some trouble until I checked my average gear level (23) and bought some quick upgrades from the marketplace. Then it was easy enough, without spoilers just watch what your pet is doing carefully.

The two job unlock quests in comparison were easy enough. I’ll probably main Summoner for a while since it’ll be quicker to kill stuff as a DPS class. As Pkudude briefly mentions in his post about tanking in FFXIV hunting logs can be completed underlevel, with my new tanking pet I was able to complete all the level 20-29 hunting logs for Arcanist by level 24. That left the last few levels of the 20s to mostly FATE (public event) grinding, I could have done dungeons but I wanted to unlock my proper DPS job before I get started on that path.

One slightly annoying feature of the Arcanist as a ‘damage over time’ class is that often in FATEs the down-leveled capped characters will be slaughtering the monsters before I can get more than a single Aero cast. Otherwise I do love the gameplay of it though and I’m looking forward to taking this a bit deeper with Summoner. Checking online there are apparently very few guides to playing this class since there’s no obvious rotation that players have settled on. I guess that’s a good thing as I’m more free to see what works for me than follow some guide for “optimal DPS”.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    For FATEs as a summoner I found that so long as I could target, bio, tab, bio , tab, bio, tab, bio, etc I’d get high/max participation. In multi-mob ones it seems to care only how many mobs you tag, not how much damage or how many kills you get. For the Boss FATE’s you seems to need to get a certain number of hits in, but again — no damage minimum or anything that I’ve seen. Healing also gets you participation, so if someone’s tanking a boss FATE and you heal them with your Physick, that also seems to help a lot.

    Biggest reason that there’s no obvious rotation for the SMN is that the dots have different lengths. Iniital run you tend to cast longest to shortest, but then it’s time to re-apply them in shortest to longest, and then when it’s time to reapply them again they’re all over the map so you just gotta pay attention. This is exacerbated when you get the Garuda-Egi and one of its abilities is to double the remaining time on your dots . . . . Then figuring out how best to use your Aetherflow stacks — Fester or Energy Drain? — is also interesting. Fester does more damage, but Energy Drain is needed so as to not run out of mana on the longer fights.

    Honestly, I really only like the SMN for soloing. I did the relic weapon quests and on all the primal fights, the SMN just annoyed me. On the one hand, with all your dots up even in movement phases you’re still doing damage, but on the other…when a lot of stuff is happening, it’s really easy to lose track of the dots and let them fall off, plus you’re managing your pet, and it all just got really frenetic and just didn’t “do it” for me.

    Oddly enough, healing as a Scholar feels very laid back, since the pet’s always healing, even when on Obey, it still uses it’s main heal, and then the other 3 skills are easy to work in when best to use them. Heck, the Selene pet you can really leave on Sic and not even worry about it. You definitely want to micro-manage Eos though, otherwise it just casts everything on cooldown and you might not have its group heal available when needed, or it blows a buff on trash just before a boss, etc.

    Geez, sorry for the wall of text…..

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