Neverwinter: Elemental Evil delayed

Neverwinter has an announcement on the Arc website and game launcher stating that the release of module 6, Elemental Evil, is delayed until April 7th. The stated reason is the need for more testing. I’m happy for them to take their time on this as the game has had its share of serious bugs in content in the past.

It also works out better timing for me not to have Neverwinter back on my plate on March 17th as planned. Admittedly I may not dive straight back into the game when the module does launch but I’ll be keeping an eye on reactions to the new class when it does.

Logging in to do my invokes this morning I thought of The Secret World and Neverwinter and the differences in payment model. I started imagining what Neverwinter would be like under a buy-to-play model – you buy the game and you buy the modules but there’s no lockbox economy based and super-grindy gear enchant upgrades at end-game. That might be quite an interesting variation on the free to play standard the game fits at the moment. Pure fantasy I know, I’m 100% sure Perfect World have no thoughts of changing but I really admire The Secret World’s business model and would prefer to buy well-tested and content-rich modules in any game over keys for random lootboxes!

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