Gaming update: spring edition

As I sit in the early spring sunshine, I’m writing a quick update on what I’m playing as I’m wont to do on occasion.

The Secret World

Our levelling trio carries on in this wonderful MMORPG, albeit somewhat sporadically as all three of us seem busier than usual at the moment. The last session this week saw us wrapping up the main storyline in Egypt. My character has a mix of QL 7, 8 & 9 gear now. It’ll be interesting to see if we’re well-equipped enough for the Transylvanian zones to come.

Everquest 2

I’ve lost traction on levelling my shadowknight again. Despite how much I like the game I think the levelling curve is really a bit too punishing, probably because the game makes a lot of assumptions about how veterans play and bases the levelling speed on their likely actions. I’ve read on forums and in guild chat that it’s common enough when an expansion raises the level cap to powerlevel a character via dungeons or other grinding tactics to the new cap just to unlock the account level xp boost. I’ll come back again for the odd session but just haven’t got the urge to power through the mid 90s at the moment.


With the expansion coming in June, I’m feeling a lot more motivated to get one of my characters in Final Fantasy 14 to the level 50 cap in time for the new content release. That means tackling my reluctance at pugging dungeons; I’ll have to take Ayrwen’s advice and find myself a Free Company (i.e. guild). The one problem there is my character is on an US server (Balmung) and there doesn’t seem to be that many EU-time zone guilds around. I’ll be levelling arcanist and thaumaturge to unlock the two other caster jobs – summoner and scholar. That’ll give me a good selection of options of what to play in dungeons while levelling and further on into the expansion.

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