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Neverwinter: AD and the ZAX

According to the Neverwinter forums there’s a blockage once again in the game’s external economy, that is the exchange between in-game Astral Diamonds and the ZEN currency that you buy with real money. The discussion thread points at the impending … Continue reading

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Pillars of Eternity

Syp at Bio Break is posting about Pillars for Eternity so I just watched the trailer video. It looks to be a very polished Baldur’s Gate-like game. It’s not a direct successor of course and is not set in the … Continue reading

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TSW: golden golem invasion!

The last time there was the Golden Week event our characters were still very new – we’d just unlocked Savage Coast and had QL 2 or 3 gear at best. So I read with happiness that the event is back … Continue reading

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FFXIV and the currency symbol switch

Although I’m loving playing FFXIV at the moment, this doesn’t blind me to the greedy little decision to just swap currency symbols on the pricing of the Collector’s Edition of Heavensward from $130 to £130 (it should be £87.95 approx.). … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing The Secret World for some six months now casually. More recently I bought a digital copy of Elder Scrolls Online ahead of the removal of the mandatory subscription; originally thinking it might be a good modern MMO … Continue reading

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FFXIV: double unlock

Quick visual update on my last gaming session: and The Arcanist level 30 quest gave me some trouble until I checked my average gear level (23) and bought some quick upgrades from the marketplace. Then it was easy enough, without … Continue reading

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FFXIV: it’s scholar/summoner time!

I’ve been leveling Arcanist and Thaumaturge the last few play sessions to get the former to 30 and the latter to 15. I’m now at Conjurer 30, Arcanist 29 and Thaumaturge 15. Job-wise  I’ve had White Mage (healer) already unlocked … Continue reading

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