EQ2: live dev chat

The EQ2Wire news website has a summary of a Live Stream, a webcast of the team discussing what’s upcoming for Everquest 2.

The stream dives straight into a list of planned features with some discussion about priorities. Interestingly there was some talk about server capacity – they’re upgrading software on the servers, including changing the underlying database system. Apparently this will open up new in-game possibilities like cross-server dungeon groups. Holly stated that server merges aren’t currently on the table as the team hopes cross-server features will eliminate many server population issues.

Content details are vague – there is talk of new advanced solo and heroic content so I guess more dungeons and raids. Gem colour conversion, which means nothing to me as I’ve not yet done content at that level of progression. There was a mention of eventually reworking the daily system, I’d respond to that with an “if it aint broke don’t fix it” as I actually like the daily system in EQ2 more than in most games (GW2!).

Public quests will at some point be a thing again, which I’d love to see actually as I missed them when they were popular. Progression servers aren’t on the cards as the game’s architecture has changed so much since launch, unlike Everquest 1 which will be getting a new progression server.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Oh good catch with the EQ prog server! First I’d heard about that.

    I will be there, take six weeks to get to level 10 by which time Kunark will be in and I’ll never play on the server again.

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