TSW: Saint Valentine

The current event in the Secret World is the Saint Valentine event, the resurrected Massively OP website has a post with some of the details. Just like the real world Valentine’s Day there’s a heavy dose of emphasis on buying romantic stuff.


The event vendor is in the park in London (and elsewhere in the other hubs). I can buy a ‘satchel of amorous delights’ that reward one or more pieces of costume gear at random. It costs 300,000 PAX, or one of two types of endgame token that we’ve not yet encountered.

I was hesitant to spend almost half my current funds on a lootbox style item, but while I was deliberating and taking screenshots, suddenly some giant heart-shaped fireworks went off nearby and I received new items. The other event item, the ‘bag of Saint Valentinus’, costs Funcom points in the store (1200) and gives random items to up to 20 nearby player characters. It’s rather nice that the game has these kinds of giving/sharing items and that players are generous enough to use such items in public to the benefit of others.

Valentine threads...

Valentine threads…

Unlike other events in the game there’s no new content or missions for this event so it’ll largely be a background thing as we continue to level through Egypt but some new costume items are always welcome!

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2 Responses to TSW: Saint Valentine

  1. Sylow says:

    Yea. These bags see frequent use currently. One surefire way i found to get plenty is to visit one of the stronger frequented shows of TSWs radio stations. (Gridstream Production and Radio Free Gaia. )

    Of course, the RNG hates me. My girl got all the blue and purple bag rewards while i, receiving the same number of rewards, have piles of white and green spare with just one blue and no purple mixed in. Alas, that’s life and after all, it’s just outfits, but i am quite certain that these bags make FC some good money.

  2. While I appreciate the effort to make the event items available in-game rather than cash shop-only, the way they implemented it makes buying the boxes something of a trap. Everything in the bags is tradeable, and you can buy it all through the auction house. All but the most rare items cost less than 300K at auction, and only a tiny minority of players are going to be able to blow bullion or black marks on cosmetics.

    So really you’re best of just camping the auction house and farming signets, augments, or other valuable items to raise pax.

    On the plus side, a lot of the new items are pretty cool. I love the togas (I was lucky enough to get one from one of the bags I bought from the cash shop), and I’m enjoying the Billie Jean dance.

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