Daybreak studios layoffs

I’ve just read some depressing news via Bio Break that already the newly renamed Daybreak Studios (Sony Online Entertainment) has announced layoffs. What’s more disturbing is that several high-profile employees are among those being let go, namely Dave Georgeson and Linda Carlson. If you’ve ever followed news about SoE or seen coverage of previous SoE Live events (which has also been cancelled for 2015 since the takeover) you’ll have read these names before.

I didn’t post about the takeover originally as I wanted to wait and see what would happen if anything to change how the company is run, I was not expecting layoffs so soon to be honest. This gives me a real sinking feeling regarding the likely future of Everquest 2 and other ex-SoE aging titles. Takeovers and restructuring like this never seems to end well, at least in the gaming industry. As Syp stated in the post linked above:

The people who made this company special are now gone, and all we’re left with is talk of bringing games to Xbox One.

If the company is refocusing on the console market and on a smaller set of titles like H1Z1 then its games aren’t going to be in my gaming future…

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2 Responses to Daybreak studios layoffs

  1. Sylow says:

    My sympathy goes to those workers who now are being laid off despite delivering good quality and now are thrown into the grinder for the sake of business. At the same time, my headshake of not believing it is, that the one source which spent a lot of effort in giving SOE a bad name was not touched: John Smedley.

    I guess the new owners did not do their research and realize that it’s him who repeatedly demeans and insults his players and thus creates antipathy of players towards his company. I still believe that SOEs games were not bad, but there are enough other companies around who offer games of adequate quality and also treat their customers with respect.

    • Telwyn says:

      Absolutely and I agree with your sentiment regarding the bad name SOE and where that could have come from. I’ve been a fan of EQ2 since I discovered it late with the Free to Play conversion but there’s been some pretty monumental misteps since that have prevented me from committing to the game as much as I might have liked to – namely the PSS debacle and more recently the apparent shift in portfolio (H1Z1, PS2 especially) away from expansive worlds to more lobby-mode gaming. Nothing about Landmark or EQ Next really had me excited though so that’s one criticism of “business as usual” that I’ve seen others making that I can sympathise with.

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