EQ2: clueless yet engaged in Eidolon Jungle

In my last few sessions of EQ2 I’ve had a nagging feeling that I’m somewhat clueless as to what is really happening in Norrath especially since I didn’t play the original Everquest game.

I do feel that the Everquest 2 devs demonstrate some very good and engaging storytelling in various quest arcs. Zones can (not always) feel like they have a strong and coherent story running through them. However unlike other MMOs, such as LOTRO or World of Warcraft, I often find the transition between zones to be abrupt or disconnected. If there is an overarching story to the game I’m not really following it at all.

The leveling in the 90s goes slowly, proper old-school slowly. That’s in part because I’m leveling my first character towards the cap of 100, once I have my shadowknight there all my other characters get a 20% bonus to xp gain (the so-called veteran bonus).

Despite my feelings above I’ve been feeling drawn into the story as I’ve progressed further into my current zone of Eidolon Jungle. It is pretty epic and I do remember reading spoilers about it on powerpoints from coverage of a previous SOE Live. In my last session I was rather delighted to suddenly come across these NPCs.

Cthulhu eat your brains out...

Cthulhu eat your brains out…

These squid-headed people are called Amygdalans according to the EQ2 ZAM wiki. They’re the spiritual copy of Mindflayers from the D&D rpg, the wiki mentions they’re servants of Cazik-Thule the Lord of Fear. So far it is their quests that I have enjoyed the most in how they link to the overall theme for the zone (spoiler-light version – planar crossovers and mysterious things related to several different gods).

A temple to the Lord of Fear.

A temple to the Lord of Fear.

So I’ll continue on to finish this zone and to go onto Obal Plains in order to see this story arc to its completion.

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