Neverwinter’s Oathbound Paladin

A new post on the Arc client website highlights the upcoming class being added to Neverwinter, the Oathbound Paladin. The class will have tank and healer specialisations via the level 30+ paragon paths of Protection and Devotion respectively. This is a bit confusing to me since specialisation starts halfway through the leveling process and some abilities seem to vary according to whether you’re a healer or a tank. For instance the Divine Call class mechanic, the core tab ability. According to the article the healer mode version will trigger an area heal around the caster, whereas the tanking mode will taunt nearby foes and absorb some damage for a time. So can you choose healer or tank until level 30 somehow or do you not get to be a proper healer or tank until that point? It does certainly sound like the class will play differently from other classes in the game.

Otherwise the flavour of the class sounds good enough. Damage shields, a damage absorb which reflects onto enemies, powerful heals and ‘aura’ buffs for the party all sound suitable for this archetypal class.

I’ll look forward to seeing more details on the class soon. There’s a very basic wiki entry up already but it doesn’t go beyond the names of the abilities seen on the player-test realm. In particular I’ll be happy when I know how the role specialisation works and also how the two roles interplay with the presumed three lines of feats that the game’s classes normally have.


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  1. It sounds interesting, and as I recently talked about on my own blog, it has me once again tempted to give Neverwinter another go. I haven’t tried tanking in an action combat environment before, and a paladin is a much more appealing tank class to me than the standard fighter.

    From what I’ve seen, before level 30 paladins will be something of a hybrid, leaning towards a tank. Then at 30 they solidify their role. I don’t think it will be too much of an issue — Neverwinter isn’t very strict about enforcing the trinity roles. Which is one of the things I like about it.

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