TSW: Egypt

We’ve moved onto the next zone in The Secret World, the Scorched Desert in Egypt for the last couple of sessions.


The zone is full of cultists and nasty desert critters. We’ve followed the main story and side missions across first zone and had a great time in this new environment, free of Ak’ab and Draug.


I happen to be a bit of fan of ancient history and empires so the Egyptian zones replete with iconography and references to ancient gods and pharaohs is easily my favourite content so far.

Best. Mission. Dialogue. Ever.

Best. Mission. Dialogue. Ever.

It helps that the zone has some really memorable NPCs with rather ‘interesting’ personalities and mannerisms. It shows one of the game’s strengths so very well, just how immersive the questing experience can be in the game when you’re discovering new content and meeting all these well-realised and memorable characters.

Just before Christmas we treated ourselves to our first DLC purchase, the bundle for missions packs 5-7. We bought this via the website account page, but only realised while exploring the scorching desert that we actually need to redeem a zero-cost item from the in-game store to unlock this content. This only became clear when we came across the first missions in this zone that were added as DLC after the game’s launch, we had the pack unlocked but hadn’t applied that unlock in-game so some missions were unavailable.

For non-veterans of the game it’s worth noting that mission packs are not the functional equivalent of expansions in other MMORPGs (e.g. WoW, LOTRO etc). In other games expansions generally only add content through new higher-level zones. In TSW by contrast mission packs can add new missions to existing zones as well so you may have to hunt around for this content.

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5 Responses to TSW: Egypt

  1. pkudude99 says:

    For me, Egypt was the least memorable zone. I didn’t simply blast through on the way to Transylvania either — I’ve done every quest in both zones. And yet, for all of that, it just never really stuck with me. No idea why. When I read posts like yours about it, I think it seems that it’s really awesome. But I don’t really have any desire to go back and do stuff over in there to “re-discover” the stuff either. Go figure.

  2. Sylow says:

    Really? I would agree if you would only refer to the Scorched Desert. It’s true that there are some memorable characters. While everybody loves Nassir and Said, there are some others, too. In case of doubt, just think of the two archeologists and what’s going on there. That being said, i agree that in terms of story and atmosphere the “basic” Scorched Desert feels quite bland and only with issue 6 unlocked gets a bit more substance.

    That being said, i dare to point out that Egypt is not only the Scorched Desert. And while the City of the Sun God indeed can be troublesome to navigate, i found its story very touching and memorable. (But i won’t go here any further, as that would be evil spoilering. )

    Also on the original posting, one comment: while the issues indeed are placed in diffent zones of the map, they are designed with a geared player in mind. For example the Tyler Freeborn storyline, located on Solomon Island, is advised to be done with QL8 to QL10 gear. If your setup is really good, you can probably do it with equipment from Blue Mountains, too, but it’s really adviseable to gear up first.

  3. To echo what others have said, I’d say the Scorched Desert is my least favourite of TSW’s zones. Mind you, TSW at its worst is still better than most games at their best, and Scorched Desert does have Said, Nassir, and my favourite investigation mission (“The Big, Terrible Picture”), but on the whole I found it fairly bland in terms of story, content, and visuals.

    The second half of Egypt is much better, but it also feels very disconnected from the first half, so the region as a whole always felt a bit incomplete to me.

    I’ll also reiterate what Sylow said: The issue DLCs maybe take place in low level zones, but they’re tuned around endgame players. I find you can usually start on them by the time you’re nearly done Egypt or starting on Transylvania.

    Also, the issue seven storyline (which starts with the mission “Who Horrifies the Horrors?” from Carmen Preda) is pretty much a direct continuation of the main storyline for Transylvania, so I’d strongly advise against doing it until you’ve finished Transylvania.

  4. j3w3l says:

    there definitely are some great characters within TSW=, I think my favourites are in the next transylvania zones.

  5. Sylow says:

    I just can agree on the statement of Tyler F.M. Edwards on issue 7. Save it till you have completed the storyline in Transylvania, then do that issue. It’s worth it.

    For the most part, the missions on the Besieged Farmlands and Shadowy forest still fit into the normal progression, although they also would spoiler a bit. But the issue 7 missions in the Carpathian Fangs by all means of logic have to be experienced after completing the story.

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