Neverwinter: flashing fires of doom!

Inspired by the recent announcement of module 6, we delved back into Neverwinter to actually play the game yesterday (as opposed to just sorting invokes and professions). Rather than chipping away at campaigns on a level 60, we turned to our newest characters, a pair of level 21 warlocks.

Trying to screenshot ricocheting flames is not easy...

Trying to screenshot ricocheting flames is not easy…

We’ve not played these characters for quite a while so much of the session, playing in the Blackdagger Ruins zone, was spent fighting random groups of bandits while we experimented with abilities and builds. I took two new abilities to try out – both with very satisfying animations. The Fiery Bolt encounter power hits your target with an arcing bolt green fire which then splits and sprays smaller bolts onto any poor souls nearby. The Flames of Phelgethos daily power is even more spectacular…


Yep, this puts a glowing green skull above your target that cries and vomits hellish flames onto the poor victim. Both had me laughing quietly to myself in glee as I ran around slaying things. Just for ironic contrast my happy, bouncing fawn of shiallia happily photobombed most of my screen shots with circles of leafy healing.

I have to give it to the devs of this game, the spell effects *are* really evocative – each class has a very clear visual style.

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