Neverwinter Module 6: Elemental Evil

I happened across this news post on the Arc website last night for the Neverwinter MMO: Announcing Module 6

My first reaction to the content itself, Elemental Evil, was a resounding ‘meh’. It’s presumably linked to a very, very old pen-and-paper module from D&D’s Greyhawk setting (wikipedia link) called the Temple of Elemental Evil. I did play through it with friends back in the day but it didn’t really stick in my memory as being that interesting. Furthermore I’m not a fan of merging different D&D settings – DDO did this with its crossover from the default Eberron setting to the Forgotten Realms and now it seems Neverwinter is doing similar by merging Greyhawk content into the Forgotten Realms. Wizards of the Coast, the owner of the D&D brand, may well be the driving force behind this, Turbine the operators of the older Dungeons & Dragons Online MMO recently announced that the Temple of Elemental Evil will feature in that game’s update 25 later in the year.

However there’s a couple of elements to the news post that have me rather excited despite my lack of enthusiasm for the new content:

Fear not, as a new hero blessed by the gods, the Oathbound Paladin, has emerged to fight the impending threat. These righteous fighters will be able embody both the healing and tanking paradigms that have made them so popular with Dungeons & Dragons players everywhere.

So it would appear that we’re getting a new class, the Oathbound Paladin, in module 6. I really love playing the paladin archetype in gaming (whether computer or pen and paper); my main character in DDO was a paladin and it was one of favourite characters in World of Warcraft as well.

Also of interest is the promise of a level cap increase:

With Elemental Evil will come a level cap increase from 60 to 70, complete with a new set of quests, feats, and slottable class feature powers.

Level cap increases are a mixed blessing, in slower-to-level games like EQ2 and LOTRO they represent a mountain that’s growing faster than I can climb. However they do give you a new dose of the enjoyment of character progression and the chance for new abilities or class features. I have three capped characters in Neverwinter so I’ll have something new to do when this module arrives. That’s a good thing as the campaign system has become rather formulaic over the course of the four content patches since release. This module seems as though it will shake things up significantly.

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5 Responses to Neverwinter Module 6: Elemental Evil

  1. Scott says:

    The level cap increase is another sure-fire way to make all those really expensive pieces of gear obsolete so the hardcore players get to do it all over again. That’s really my only gripe with the Pay4Power model. “Luckily” (LOL?) I’m still way behind, and in Tier 1 gear and I’m on break for a bit so I may as well wait for this module to hit.

    • Telwyn says:

      That’s a bonus for me too, I have tier 1 gear on my main and a mishmash of campaign purples on my cleric. So I don’t lose anything by the inevitable gear reset either.

  2. Shintar says:

    I really feel I should get back into this game. I barely even touched Rise of Tiamat, though I still log in daily to invoke and work on my professions. At this rate I’d end up levelling to 70 purely by invoking!

    • Telwyn says:

      Yeah, the Tiamat module didn’t really grab me either. I think I needed a break from the game though more than anything else as I’d been playing it pretty intensively for a year.

  3. I never know what to do with Neverwinter. It’s a game I enjoy a lot, but I feel so directionless in it. After a certain point, I feel like I have nothing to do to progress that doesn’t involve endless grinding or paying a lot of cash, and that even withers my normally obsessive need to level alts.

    A new class, though… That’s always damn tempting. Paladin isn’t my favourite archetype, but it is one I enjoy dabbling in from time to time. The presence of a shield leads me to believe this may be another tank class, and I’d like to see what tanking feels like in Neverwinter’s combat system.

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