EQ2: flying free

Back in Everquest 2 for a brief session on Thursday evening I wandered back over to Withered Lands to see what was left (very little). Since I’d been away for a few weeks I’d sort of forgotten about the whole flying mount ban in the zone (the last two times I’d played I’d done old quests in an earlier flying-ok zone so my Pegasus mount was equipped).


Zooming around to hand in a quest and continue another I suddenly realised I was flying. About five minutes later the rain started and the big, bold announcement of “the skies are not safe” warned me of imminent plunging to the ground as the dragon’s spell came across the zone. But weirdly that same grounding effect only lasted a few seconds before it wore off, and once again I could be airborne.


After completing another couple of quests and handing them all in, I was sent to speak to a good (or at least less-evil) dragon who promptly promised to keep the skies safe for me. Ok, so now I officially can fly in the zone – unlike the previous hour or so when I was apparently flying illegally…

It’s good to be back in the winged saddle, I’ve had the experience of grounded questing and am happy to be back to the freedom of the Pegasus on this character. On an unrelated note I was confused to find my character had the heroic character rewards pop up again on login. It turns out SoE have adjusted heroic characters to be instant level 90, instead of level 85. Rather generously they retrofitted existing heroic characters to get the new benefits, namely 320 AA points (my character had 318) and a full suit of level 90 gear. The latter completely replaced all my quest-reward gear as it was rather awesome stat-wise. That’s a mixed blessing, it’ll make engaging with more challenging content a bit easier but it kind of feels like cheating!

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