Back and taking stock

I’m back from a wonderful holiday during which I had a total break from gaming and gaming news for two weeks. Sometimes it’s good to ‘unplug’ for while and due to the lack of free wifi at most of the ports we visited it really was a total disconnection from my daily diet of RSS, blogs and the like.

That means I have a colossal amount of catching up to do if I want to comment on anything that’s current. It also means re-assessing what games I want to play for the first part of 2015. I fear that free time is going to be very limited over the coming couple of months as I have to get back into the day job and also make some big progress on my studies; there may have to be a bit of a cull on the MMO roster front.

Not much else to add for today’s post but I’ll just leave this random, non-gaming related picture to close…

Sunset over Cartagena, Colombia - vista ticked off

Sunset over Cartagena, Colombia – vista ticked off

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