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Over the years that I’ve been playing, following and blogging about MMORPGs there has been one constant – the website (laterly If you look through the archives of this blog you’ll find a lot of links to news … Continue reading

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Showing some MMO dev support

M J at Massively has a post about showing support for the dev team at SoE. Most of my gaming time is spent these days in free-to-play MMOs. So in terms of showing some support via real life cash it … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: flashing fires of doom!

Inspired by the recent announcement of module 6, we delved back into Neverwinter to actually play the game yesterday (as opposed to just sorting invokes and professions). Rather than chipping away at campaigns on a level 60, we turned to … Continue reading

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GW2 expansion

Yesterday the Guild Wars 2 expansion was confirmed and first details were given by the devs at the PaxSouth conference (link and trailer on official site). There’s quite a lot in there, enough to justify an expansion box price perhaps, … Continue reading

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ESO: buy to play announcement

So this news came out two days ago (Massively article), Elder Scrolls Online will be subscription-optional from March 17th this year. It’ll be a Buy-to-Play game like The Secret World and others – you have to buy the original game … Continue reading

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Neverwinter Module 6: Elemental Evil

I happened across this news post on the Arc website last night for the Neverwinter MMO: Announcing Module 6 My first reaction to the content itself, Elemental Evil, was a resounding ‘meh’. It’s presumably linked to a very, very old … Continue reading

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TSW: it’s hot in hell

For our first session of The Secret World on Saturday since the long break we decided to give another dungeon a go, our second since we started playing the game. We were in our usual trio and didn’t really have … Continue reading

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