/afk, real life exploring and Happy New Year

I’m off on holiday for two weeks, the first time ever that I have been abroad for New Years Eve itself. So there’ll probably be no new posts from me for the interval unless I get cost-free wifi long enough to comment on any gaming news I might read. Since I’ll be on a cruise ship moving between ports that is not very likely.

Gamers are often described in terms of their Bartle types, but I do not consider myself much of an ‘explorer’ gamer. I like to see things in a game and to get a closer look at buildings spotted from afar but I’d never do that for a whole gaming session. I also get very, very tired of jumping puzzles or maze challenges, which seems to be the majority of ‘explorer’ content these days (Syp of Bio Break did a good post on jumping puzzles in MMOs recently). I love to see new places and sights (tick those real-life vista boxes), but I’d rather do it from relative comfort with someone who knows that they’re doing in control of the travel part.

I’d better close with best wishes to one and all for a Happy New Year and for a great year of gaming in 2015!

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