WTB fast travel in RL!

A big problem with Christmas in the UK is just how painful (more than usual) long distance travel becomes. Trains are cancelled, replaced by local buses that are unfit for long journeys, airports shut down at the slightest hint of snow and our motorways (freeway/autoroute etc equivalent) become entended parking zones.

The supposed 4 hour return journey to London has taken already 3 hours for only 20% of the distance.

At such times I can only think of much faster options like a brisk Griffon flight, Mage portal or ‘Hearthstone’ recall to the restful familiarity of home.

In MMOs such travel options rarely have any risk or downside. There’s no chance of misteleport (unless you rely on Gnomish technology) and griffin rides never get lost or delayed. Sadly I don’t know any teleport spells at the moment so it’s back to watching the miles crawling slowly past…

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