Merry Christmas!

It’s been an exceptionally busy build-up to the holidays for me this year, I’ve had very little time for substantial gaming since early December. A big “life event” (as Facebook calls it) earlier in the month and since then family visits and hurried preparations for Christmas itself.

This has meant missing out on any participation in Everquests 2’s extensive holiday festival, though I did sneak in to grab the one present from Santa Glug in his Wonderland.


I seem to always be too busy in the winter holidays to partake much in this content-rich event, sadly.

In The Secret World, we last played the week before Christmas and did see and defeat the two seasonal Krampus mobs we encountered at random although none of us received anything exciting as a reward. There wasn’t time to delve into the missions for the season at all, although the most recent one was listed as devastating difficulty so I guess it’s another “end-game” activity we’ll hopefully be ready for by Christmas 2015.

Neverwinter is off the boil at the moment so we’ll not be repeating last year’s dedication to the daily tasks. It’s a bit of a shame as I did want to get one of the healer fawn companions but I’ll be sans laptop while away visiting family so it’s definitely not possible this year.

I’ll simply close by wishing all readers and fellow bloggers a very Merry Christmas!

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