TSW: story, how it should be done

I was blown away by the quality of the missions we ran last night in Secret World. As usual there was heaps of atmosphere, excellent use of lighting (and darkness), great dialogue from NPCs and some notably superb zone design towards the end.


We were getting tired of Ak’abs and zombies, so spent the session playing the last main story mission from steps 13 to 18 (out of 18 for New England). What follows may have some mild spoilers, at least in the screenshots.

Finishing the zone missions for the most part didn’t surprise me much in terms of the building story. The part in the deep mine shaft was extremely atmospheric; that is to say claustrophobic, scary in parts and moderately challenging despite the missions now ‘easy’ designation. As a side note, we spent time in London prior to running these missions re-gearing all of us and changing a few abilities or passives, the excellent advice given by other bloggers really made a world of difference to the team’s damage output and consequently made the solo instance missions in the chain a *lot* less painfully slow for my tank and my partner’s healer.

Flare-lit tunnels

Flare-lit tunnels

Then we had some nice dialogue scenes tying up some of the back story for NPCs in the zone and a “revisit all the zones” task.

Why do wards always need guarding while they 'charge up'?

Why do wards always need guarding while they ‘charge up’?

Finishing the zone story involved a moderately challenging fight (no spoilers for this), I think it would have been much harder before we re-geared. As per usual with the NPC dialogues Funcom gives and takes away at the same time, you’re left knowing a bit more but with more questions as well.

What followed was both trippy (in the psychedelic sense) and also extremely cool zone design. I won’t go into spoilerish details but having Norwegian dialogue read out while you read diary entries was extremely cool for this language-obsessed blogger!


The zone for this section was very atmospheric both the visuals and the clever use of triggered sounds or ghostly speech.


My only criticism of the entire evening was a ‘choice’ that wasn’t presented as such in a clear way. All three of us, playing solo, made the same obvious mistake of just clicking the object – having a confirm dialogue would have been a very good idea here to make it clearer what was happening. I won’t go into further details here but I’m sure veterans of the game will know what I’m referring to.

A closing note is that despite playing some solo missions again it was fun being on voice chat and having the atmosphere of friends enjoying and discussing the missions as we played them. It also really helped for the deep mine mission to have the odd friendly hint available as the others played through the darkness…

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6 Responses to TSW: story, how it should be done

  1. Sylow says:

    I know what choice you refer to. On the positive, this is not the last sequence where you have a choice, so you still have the option to refuse the “gift”. But all in all you are right, a check would be very helpful, this is a trap into which i think almost any player falls the first time and there is no way to undo it.

  2. Aywren says:

    Oh yes. That “choice.” I didn’t even know there was a choice to make when I was playing through it until afterwards. I was just being a brat when I accidentally refused the gift, simply because I didn’t like the feeling of the situation. I decided to rebel and didn’t know what I was doing until I looked it up afterwards! XD

  3. pkudude99 says:

    Is that the one where it’s “click to accept, jump off the ledge to refuse?” And of course, no one wants to jump becuz that’s suicide, so they all click and oops!

    I see on your chronicle that you’re using the gear I made for you and got yourself a new head piece with more SP in the head talismans line now. Awesome. Glad to hear that the re-gearing helped.

    I’ve also found when running solo instances with a friend or 2 that when we’re on voice and can talk each other through it’s a big help. Makes it feel like it’s not quite as solo of an instance.

  4. Sylow says:

    Yea, that one. Although when i did that, i had no idea even that it was “jump to refuse”. I thought i’d use the item and perhaps get the “accept yes/no” window or something.

    • Telwyn says:

      Thought there’s a visual clue of the alternative if you happen to be watching the ghostly figures actions there was no obvious warning you were making a choice before you clicked the object.

  5. Sylow says:

    And on solo instances: FC learned the lesson. Some missions in the issues absolutely smell “solo” from the design and scenario, but they all can be done in group. Some get easier, one much harder that way. 😀

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