GW2: achievement changes and daily rewards

ArenaNet is changing the achievement system in Guild Wars 2, with a big rearrangement of the daily achievement (and rewards) and removing the monthly achievements and rewards. I already wasn’t playing the game so much when the achievement system was introduced to the extent that we never once completed a monthly achievement but the changes to the daily achievement system is of interest to me (official news post).

The daily achievements system is being reorganised into three sub-sections of PVE, PVP and WVW (World versus World). This bit of the news post wasn’t very precisely worded but I think you have to complete three of a given section to get the daily achievement done. My concern here is that suddenly I’ll only have a list of four PVE tasks to choose from. That seems a much more restrictive list than the current very long list of mixed PVE/PVP tasks. Since I have zero interest in PVP or WVW (which are the same from my viewpoint) that’s a potentially very big ‘nerf’ to the likelihood I’ll do the daily while casually leveling my guardian.

Secondly the game will be rewarding us for logging in, seemingly akin to the Hobbit gift system that was added to LOTRO last year. I found that system rather anachronistic in the Middle Earth MMORPG but Guild Wars 2 has a lighter and more zany tone overall so it could be less out-of-place. In LOTRO the system gives away a free daily random loot box every day and a weekly one too of higher value but you could buy extra ones using items bought through the real money cash shop, so the system had a “gambler’s temptation” feel to it. More importantly I haven’t seen anything in the above linked news post from Guild Wars 2 to suggest their trying to make more money out of this system, at face value it seems more of a simple encouragement to log on more frequently. The daily rewards build up over a 28 day period to give you a big reward on the 28th day. This count does not need to be consecutive days, another nice design choice compared to say the daily invokes in Neverwinter where you lose any accumulation of one of the two reward currencies if you do not invoke for more than 28 hours.

This launches on the tomorrow (the 16th) with the Wintersday update so I’ll see soon enough how it works in practice.

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