In game character relationships

Today is a very special day for my partner and I with many friends gathered together and in preparation for it I was reminded of the characters we’ve had together in games and how those characters have leveled and grown together. It’s certainly not the case in every game we have played but in World of Warcraft we had a good few pairs of characters that we tried to play exclusively together.

The lovers

Belnius, Meznir (centre) and friends in 2008

Belnius, Meznir (centre) and friends in 2008

Our Draenei characters were created pretty early on in our time together in World of Warcraft. We had other main characters for years, partially due to the needs of our guild for certain roles but my shaman and his mage adventured together always as a pair for many years. They had been together since before their arrival in Azeroth, had survived many trials side-by-side and were inseperable.

The siblings

Our blood elf characters, my mage and his paladin, were sister and brother to one another. They had different personalities and argued a fair amount but were fiercely loyal to one another.

Sister and brother on the steps

Sister and brother on the steps

Like many character pairs they didn’t meet the needs of a trinity, dungeon-focused game so in later levels poor Arviya (pictured above without name) was left in Silvermoon while I played a troll priest as the groups healer.

The moos

I have a deep affection for the Tauren race, their models, the emotes and their home city of Thunder Bluff. This pair of characters were Refer-a-Friend leveled very, very quickly as a new pair of Horde characters to play in a different dungeon group (back when the Zhevra was the bonus mount). They were played a lot together in dungeons but didn’t adventure together after the RaF bonus ran out. I think the fast leveling contributed to their lack of back-story compared to the other pairs, but for a while we had an (almost) all tauren group going which was a ton of fun!

Damodal (centre not named) and Uroon far left.

For the moo!: Damodal (centre not named) and Uroon far left.

All of these character pairs and the pictures we still have remind of us of the many years of fun and laughter we had in the game. We’ve carried this shared passion for MMOs into other games but somehow WoW still has some of the best memories of playing together…

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