Neverwinter: the pull of the gateway

I’ve not really played much Neverwinter since our interest petered out a couple of months ago. I go through phases of remembering to log in just to invoke on my two favourite characters as they’re still saving up the daily invoke coins for that lovely angel companion.

I also find myself using the amazing gateway website to run leadership crafting tasks to keep that profession leveling towards the cap of 20, neither character is actually capped on that yet.


All in all I maybe spend five or ten minutes on the game a day, so I’m not engaged with it properly but it keeps my interest in developments ticking over and my characters are progressing slowly in terms of the crafting and the astral diamonds I accrue with those tasks.

It’s nice to have the easy option to keep a low-level of engagement with a game I have enjoyed playing, especially through a web app – I don’t even have to load the game client if I’m pressed for time. That’s something other MMORPGs really could benefit from. I’m astounded that Blizzard hasn’t already released a web page or smartphone app for the garrison management as that’s crying out for one…

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One Response to Neverwinter: the pull of the gateway

  1. rifter13 says:

    What’s funny, is that the Dragon campaign (and a couple of friends) pulled me back in. I continue to have my main (Cleric) but I started a new alt, a hunter. I really like the new class.

    Leadership is a pain. I FINALLY maxed it, a few weeks ago on my main. I have it to 18 on my other 2 60s. Running around, and killing dragons really has hooked me.

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