EQ2: a spot of good fortune

It so happens that I read about an online competition to win a digital copy of the latest Everquest 2 expansion Age of Malice collectors edition via CraveOnline Games. To my very great surprise I received a code back last Friday as I was one of the winners!


Pterodon flying-mount


I have very rarely won anything from such a prize draw in my life, certainly nothing gaming or MMO related. It’s a very well-timed stroke of good fortune as well since I was thinking of buying myself the expansion for the holidays.

This new house pet needs a larger pen...

This new house pet needs a larger pen…

Having a rather large dinosaur house pet is a reminder that I should get around to buying the loyalty reward version of the Cromzek Keep Prestige House. A shared home for my various characters of a more grandiose scale would be a good side project for decorating.


Having the expansion is also a good motivation to focus on leveling my shadowknight as I’ll actually have access to the new areas when I manage to get him to level 95. This would be the first time I’ve had a character in an end-game zone of EQ2; it’s given me a new burst of enthusiasm for making it to the level cap.

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