EQ2: ingenuity thwarted

I was questing in my current zone of the Withered Lands when I came across a quest with the text asking me not to kill the hostile faerie creatures that guard the items I should collect (Interesting Discoveries).


Angry sifaye and the items I need just under their noses on the floor


I tried running in to grab them, or edging forward slowly and carefully and for the most part this didn’t work, one or more sifaye aggro’ed and then my attempts at picking up the item would be interrupted by their attacks. For a while this had me thinking about ways to do this without having to kill these creatures…

MMORPGs have some mechanics that could help. One option is ‘crowd control’ spells to stun or sleep a hostile creature but shadowknights have zero such abilities, if I were playing an enchanter or other wizard-style class I’d probably have good options here. A second option would be a stealth ability to get in and grab the item. It just so happens that I have a woodworker character that can make totems, items that give your character a temporary beneficial effect on use. In searching for a stealth item I found two different totems that a level 49 woodworker can craft (totem of the jaguar or totem of the chameleon). My woodworker was level 45 so this gave me a brief side project to run some crafting writs (repeatable crafting quests) to make up the difference and learn these recipes.

Engage cloaking totem!

Engage cloaking totem!

The sad end to this tale was that, typically, picking up the quest item counted as an ‘attack’ and broke the stealth. I was highly annoyed by this for a while but I guess it would make the quest trivial for many classes and for anyone bothering to buy or craft such a totem. Still it’s a shame that intelligent use of the vast array of abilities, spells and magical items in the game isn’t encouraged more by the developers.

In any case having these items may make some other quests easier – if I have to find a special item or kill a particular monster it may help me avoid the hordes of monsters that are usually in between me and the quest goal. We’ll see whether that’s a good idea or actually counterproductive as monster kills seem to contribute to my overall XP gain.

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