GW2: impressions from a new zone

Taking some screenshots in Guild Wars 2 was enough to activate our collective nostalgia for the game*, so we’ve decided to at least play out the Living Story content “Tangled Paths” a bit more to flex those Asuran muscles a bit.


The new zone has a caravan and base system or reinforcement events on what seems like a constant basis. That makes our attempt at concentrating on advancing the chapter’s story quests (the green objective) more difficult since we were being distracted a lot by combat, boss fights or sieges. The public event stuff can be a lot of fun if there are enough players about and it helps you with the daily tasks to a greater extent but if you’re trying to search for clues being attacked almost constantly isn’t so helpful.


Almost immediately we were reminded of how gorgeous the artwork can be in this game!

gw099Also almost immediately we were reminded how annoying and action-heavy the combat can be. The in-quest instructions are often unclear, at first we were unsure whether to charge ahead and ignore the NPCs we were with (who were engaged in combat) or to help them fight. In the end we realised the fight seemed to be more of a stalemate situation to keep them occupied while we followed the instruction to go on ahead but it was very unclear.


I have no screenshots of the big-boss fight (Mordrem Teragriff) that followed, had I tried to take any I would have probably died again instantly due to the amount of stuff to dodge. Vines, circles of red, hordes of little summoned helpers and the charging boss monster – it was all about the movement. It was good that we managed to complete it but we’re not exactly looking forward to more of the same if that’s what is in store. There was clearly a rotation to the bosses attacks and movements, deadly to the uninitiated but perfectly doable once you’ve learnt it. I’ve since found there’s a thread on the official forums about this boss with very divergent opinions on whether it’s good or bad ‘boss fight’ design…

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