EQ2: grounded in Withered Lands

Having dinged level 90 in Everquest 2 I’ve moved on to the Withered Lands questing zone. So far it’s been an enjoyable zone to quest through with a couple of interweaving storylines and a good number of optional repeatable quests to keep the experience rolling in.


The observant among you may notice I’m on my shadowknight’s class mount, the Unholy Steed, and not as per usual on his Pegasus. This zone goes all ‘old-school’ and bans you from flying due to a dragon cursing everyone when they enter the zone.


It’s been interesting actually playing a grounded character again. Since coming back to play a level-boosted character I’ve become very used to flying around, dive-bombing quest monsters or gathering nodes from relative safety. For many sessions before this while playing my inquisitor with his leaping mount I was used to leaping high over the many monsters out in the wild to avoid fights. Now I’m having to plough through the crowded forest full of wolves, satyrs and mutant plants and I’ll admit I’m rather enjoying it! This character as a level-boosted blank slate has no other mounts to fall back on, just his class horse and his free pegasus. So for now I’m taking the paths and working out the best routes through the zone to avoid constant fights and of course, to avoid the very high level elite boss monsters that inhabit this and every other zone in the game. EQ2_000240

The story telling so far has been of the usual high standard, with good use of whatever phasing-style technology SOE uses to allow you to see quests have a lasting impact on the environment and the friendly characters that inhabit it. I’m hoping this zone will take my character from 90 to 92 so I’m in step with the recommended level for the follow-on zone of The Eidolon Jungle.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Hmm. I’m 100% certain you can fly in Withered Lands. There’s a post-to-post horse system that I used a lot at first but most of my memories of that zone are of flying about and swooping down to land where I wanted to be. There might be a quest to open it up… ah yes, a quick google confirms there is indeed a quest, plus another option. I won’t post spoilers but if you get tired of being ground-bound at least you know that it’s optional.

    At 92, in my opinion, by far the best option is Cobalt Scar. It’s a beautiful zone, one of the best in EQ2 visually, and the questlines are very enjoyable. Eidolon Jungle is fine but I found the storyline confusing to say the least and the color scheme there is aesthetically lacking. I can’t quite recall whether you’d need to have some gear from Eidolon to be able to progress enjoyably in Cobalt Scar though. They are both recommended for 92-95 so I guess not.

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