EQ2: setting some goals

As I’ve mentioned in a recent post it’s very easy to get distracted in Everquest 2 and to spend time flitting from activity to activity or character to character. Like other games that I’ve played less intensively, my progress to the cap and the place where most of the active player base spends most of their time can be slow. Leveling a character to cap would be a cathartic step as I’ve not managed it in many of my side MMOs.

So a simple list of goals at least for the mid-term in EQ2 would be:

  1. Level my shadowknight from 89 to 95. He’s fun to play and has the survivability to be a good solo character. He’s a fledgling armoursmith so he could make armour for himself and my second highest character if I invest the time in leveling the profession further.
  2. Level my inquisitor further (he’s 55 now). This is my old main character and one I thoroughly enjoyed playing. He has a lot more seasonal event completion and has his crafting skill of woodwork up to 45 so he’s my highest crafter as well.
  3. Get my cook leveling – he’s a level 23 cook / level 18 warlock who I started on a whim just because I like to craft food in MMOs.

For now I’ve just set the initial goal of leveling the shadowknight to 95, the cap for free to play characters unless or until I buy the latest expansion. I may well do so as a show of support for the game although I’ll wait to read how tough it will be to solo content first. I could aim to take him straight to the new cap of 100 but that’ll be a rather serious amount of leveling in a game with much slower leveling than more recent MMOs. Once I have one character at the current cap I will get the +20% veteran bonus for all my other characters so that’s an incentive to push on through.


My current main

To be honest the list is already rather ambitious as I know with the holiday season and a possible vacation that I’m going to miss weeks of gaming time. Having a nice ordered list of goals though will help me to avoid the temptations of altoholism in this game, it’s pretty tough as the classes are many and very varied to play!

Half-forgotten inquisitor

Half-forgotten inquisitor

As a postscript to this post I’ve since played through the early steps of the Shipwrecked Timeline quests for crafting. One of the early items you receive as a bonus reward is the recipe to make Harvester’s Balm, a potion to give you a chance of gathering extra resources. That’s the kind of ‘buff’ potion I’d like to be using on my characters as I play, but it has also made me realise that I don’t have a dedicated alchemist character yet! It’s usually the first crafting profession that I take in any MMO so it’s something that’ll have to be resolved once I have my primary goals achieved!

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