TSW: Savage Coast’s missions

I was watching global chat in The Secret World while waiting to start a mission last night and a conversation between a few players started about just how excellent the quality of the missions is in the Savage Coast area. I found myself agreeing readily with this assessment.

That’s not to say that the overall quality in Kingsmouth or Blue Mountain is that much worse but Savage Coast is like a ‘perfect storm’ of amazing designed sub-zones and wonderfully written cut-scenes. Without going into spoilers in any great detail, this zones boasts multiple hubs of excellent content:

The Fairground

This sub-zone is a masterpiece of atmosphere and design. The missions are interesting and build-up to a challenging finale.


The Academy

A great set-piece of design and a dense mission sub-zone with so much to do, just think of all that XP! All the missions are action so it’s combat heavy compared to the other two sub-zones but that’s perfectly in keeping with the besieged nature of the hub and with a bumper amount of lore-nodes to find at least you can explore for them while slaying evil. There’s some great voice acting from the three mission-givers here and a voice you may recognise if you’re a Star Trek fan…


The Lighthouse

This mini-hub has one NPC with a few quests but they are very strong plots and some great overall voice acting for this character.


These three hubs are not everything the zone has to offer mind, there are other hubs and some locations that are well worth a visit – it pays to explore in this game!

It would have been easy for Funcom to have lavished so much attention to the first starter zone of Kingsmouth that other zones afterwards might have felt neglected in comparison but that’s certainly not the case with The Secret World.

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3 Responses to TSW: Savage Coast’s missions

  1. Sylow says:

    While the “all action missions” in the accademy is nice, what i appreciate most are the conversations between the three characters (Hayden Montag, Mr. Usher and Carter) there. The conversations are well written and both the voice acting and animations are excellently done. On one hand they narrate the dark and dirty history of the accademy. Old war golems, people (not always willingly) having been immured into the buildings of the accademy, weird rituals and so on, they tell quite a story of the place. At the same time the cutscenes strongly characterize Mr. Montag (school director with some sociopathy issues), Mrs. Usher (magic teacher with attitude) and Carter (student in emotional turmoil and with huge and barely controled magical powers, see “Carrie” of Stephen King) quite well.

    These conversations hide your “mute character” symptom quite well, too. There are some more places throughout the game where more than one person is involved in your missions cutscene, and they all are great, as they avoid he “lonesome monologue with your character listening” problem.

  2. I think I still prefer Blue Mountain overall, but Savage Coast definitely has its moments. Most notably, I think Innsmouth Academy is where the game really starts to find its footing, so to speak. Not that it isn’t fun before then, but Innsmouth really kicks it into high gear. A dense concentration of relatively easy action missions allows you to level very quickly, and it’s where you can first start to really delve into the ability wheel and start experimenting with builds. And, as has been said many times, the characters are awesome.

    I think Innsmouth is what convinced me to buy the game. Before then, I was like, “Hmm, this game is kind of interesting, I guess.” But then I got to Innsmouth and I was like, “HOLY CRAP JEFFREY COMBS I NEED THIS GAME IN MY LIFE.”

    • pkudude99 says:

      Yeah, I recall re-running the Academy missions several times for the AP and SP back when I was in the QL4-5 range. Was a lovely boost to my wheel then.

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