EQ2: puppets and bookshelves

In the little time I had for gaming this weekend, I finished gathering the tokens needed from the Heroes Festival to buy a complete set of level 95 armour for my shadowknight.

Armour in preview, can't wear it for another 5 levels!

Armour in preview, can’t wear it for another 5 levels!

What impact having this gear will have remains to be seen but I’ll want to skip the ‘end game’ content mostly at level 95 and continue straight on into the latest expansion (Altar of Malice) I expect that having a full set of level 95 gear in the bank will be a big help. The stats in comparison with my quest-reward gear at the moment certainly seem impressive!


After that I hopped onto my inquisitor to make a bookshelf for the shadowknight’s little house – he’s got quite a library collection going on now. That meant gathering tier-1 wood, roots and ore so a trip around the starter area surrounding his home city of New Halas seemed in order.


For some inexplicable reason this character did not complete the level 5 quest to gather five units of a bunch of different crafting materials. Other characters after him did do it, I guess at the time I was so bewildered by this newly free to play MMO that I didn’t worry about doing much gathering. So I was back riding around the starter island havesting materials and feeling powerfully nostalgic about the zone that was my first introduction to the game.

It was certainly not what I expected to be doing during this play session but that’s kind of what I love about the game. There is so much to do and so many ways to be distracted from the ‘routine’ of leveling. The only bookshelf recipe he knows is a basic elm one, but at least I don’t have books spilling all over my shadowknight’s floor now, something more impressive will be needed if he ever gets around to buying that daily reward castle though!



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